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Features a brief profile on the artwork of Steven Gagnon
Beyond Jasper Johns
Art responds to patriotism and national flags
Steven Gagnon: Border Cruiser
Dana McClure writes about encountering the Border Cruiser during the 2011 NYC Armory Arts Week.
Fountain Miami 2010
The Warholian reviews Fountain Miami 2010.
Bruce Berkowitz: The Megamind of Miami
The $100 U.S. Flag is published in Fortune Magazine in their article about Bruce Berkowitz, "megamind" Miami investor and collector of my work.
Photo Journal: December 4 ArtBasel Day 5
2010-12-07 documents my work at Fountain Miami Art Fair 2010.
Miami Art Fairs - Friday Part I
Joanie Gagnon San Chirico documents her visit to Fountain Art Fair
Fountain Miami 2010
Miami NewTimes makes mention of the artwork of Steven Gagnon at Fountain Miami 2010.
Fountain Celebrates 5 Years of Giving the Finger to Old Skool Art Fairs
Hyperallergic makes mention of my work at Fountain Miami 2010 art fair.
Steven Gagnon: Interview
Art Guide Miami interviews Steven Gagnon.
C.R.I.B. Media Release
Artist attacks BRIC acronym with his C.R.I.B. sculpture
Flavorpill at Art Basel Miami Beach: Days 2 and 3
Paul Laster of Flavorpill wrote and pictured my "Tale of Two Cities" performance in his article about the opening day at the fair.
Arch Gallery Presents Steven Gagnon: Stimulus Package
Daniela Montana, director and curator statement for my solo show at Arch Gallery.
Reviews: Recent Works by Steven Gagnon
Janet Batet, independent art critic and curator reviewed my exhibition at Art@Work.
Artista planea protestar en Convenciones
Univision covers the Border Cruiser being shown at the DNC and RNC.
L'Etoile Magazine Blog announces the exhibition of the Border Cruiser video sculpture at Intermedia Arts during the 2008 RNC.
Artist prowls Denver in art car
The Rocky Mountain News covers the Border Cruiser at the DNC.
To project and present: One artist s RNC project is literally a vehicle for political commentary
Anna Pratt of the Minnesota Independent writes about the Border Cruiser presentation in the Twin Cities for the 2008 Republican National Convention.
To project and present: One artist s RNC project is literally a vehicle for political commentary
The Minnesota Independent announces the Border Cruiser s debut in the Twin Cities for the 2008 Republican National Convention.
Miami artist drives illegal immigration video sculpture to Presidential Conventions
Article announces the exhibition of the Border Cruiser video sculpture during the 2008 Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities.
During the DNC, check out the cop car that tells immigrant stories
Denver Westword describes and announces the upcoming exhibition of the Border Cruiser video sculpture during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
drives illegal immigration video sculpture to Conventions
Anti-immigration website reacts to announcement of Border Cruiser Video Sculpture exhibition at 2008 Presidential Conventions in Denver and the Twin Cities.
Miami NewTimes Best Of
Border Cruiser makes Miami New Times Best Of 2008 list
Article in a Newspaper from China
Chinese newspaper covers exhibition at the Art Car Museum.
Miami NewTimes
The NewTimes art critic describes his encounter with the Border Cruiser in Little Havana.
January Art Walk
Alesh Houdek's blog covering the January gallery walk in Miami's Wynwood district.
Be My, Be My Basel Vol. 1
Blog reviews different works shown during ArtBasel Miami Beach.
Fountain Art Fair, Miami: Fresh & Edgy galleries from Brooklyn
Review of the exhibitions at Fountain Miami 07 art fair.
Fountain/Zones/Geisai: Skip It
2007-12-10 gives a shout out to the Border Cruiser at Fountain Miami 07.
Art Basel - Bridge Art Fair Opening
Miami NewTimes Journalist covers the Border Cruiser at Bridge Miami art fair.
Border Cruiser Interview
a3tv interviews Steven Gagnon about the Border Cruiser
Sleepless Night Miami Style
2007-11-04 covers the Time Machine during the city's inaugural "Sleepless Night" cultural event.
Crazy in Cologne
Article mentions and documents Taxi Project at ArtCologne.
Fountain: The Fair I Wanted to Love
Blog reviews Taxi video installation at Fountain NY 07.
NYC International Art Fair Season
DAZEDdigital photographs Taxi video installation at Fountain NY 07.
Cary Leibowitz Is My Co-Pilot
Heart As Arena blog reviews taxi installation at Fountain NY 07.
Tossing In The Fountain
2007-02-27 covers the Taxi video installation at Fountain NY 07.
Armory Week: Fountain Makes a Splash
2007-02-25 covers the taxi video installation at Fountain NY 07.
Steven Gagnon's "Around the World in a N.Y.C. Taxi"
Visitor captures taxi video installation at Fountain NY 07.
Fountain 2007
Website mentions Taxi video sculpture at Fountain NY 07.
"Time Machine" at PalmBeach3 is covered in Palm Beach Post article.
Art Basel Miami: Offbeat Highlights from the Fair Trail
2006-12-13 covers the Time Machine at Fountain Miami 06 art fair.
Interview with Steven Gagnon about Time Machine
a3tv interviews Steven Gagnon about his Time Machine video sculpture.
Literary Journal of Henry Miller Library
The Four Seasons series are printed in color in the literary journal.
Brogan Museum exhibition catalogue
Catalogue publishes Money Whip and Esso Oil Can painting in catalogue.
Florida InsideOut Magazine
Art collector Stephen Gamson refers to my work in his collection while being interviewed by Florida InsideOut Magazine.
Miami Herald
Miami art collector, Stephen Gamson makes mention of my work in an interview with the Miami Herald.
MEMORY: Website of the day/Eins Werden
The American artist Steven D. Gagnon presents in Berlin from 30 September to 6 October the multimedia sculpture on the theme of German Unity.
Le 15e anniversaire de l'unite allemande
French online journal notes Eins Werden exhibition in Berlin.
A Potsdam le celebrazioni ufficiali per il 15 anniversario della riunificazione tedesca
German Embassy in Rome announces exhibition of Eins Werden Project in Berlin.
Einsheitfest in Potsdam
Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger mentions exhibition of Eins Werden project in Berlin.
Critic's Pick
The article describes the Objects of Virtue exhibition at ArtCenter South Florida and features "Mind if I Smoke?" as the featured work from the show.
Photo spread of boardroom
Cristina, a popular Spanish language talk show host,displays The American Way seirigraph in her board room.
The Dollar as Art catalogue
The catalogue documents a exhibition at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston from the permanent collection of the Board of Governers of the Federal
Harper's Newsstand Cover Wrap
Artwork used on newsstand cover wrap to illustrate the magazine's main story.
Money Matters
New exhibit at the Money Museum reaches out to art lovers by Aaron Menza
Show me the Money
The article announces and describes the traveling exhibition entitled "Show Me the Money" that showed at the Naples Museum of Art in April of 2002.
Catalogue cover for national touring museum exhibition
This was the catalogue for the national touring exhibition "Show Me the Money the Dollar as Art" that was shown in five museums.
Billboards: Freedom of speech or visual nuisance?
Article reports on the untitled (the American Way) appearing on a San Mateo billboard that violated that city's sign ordinances.
Embattled billboard boasts free-speech message
Artical about the American Way billboard's run in San Mateo, CA.
Wall Street Journal
Article makes mention of my and another artist's works as the highlights of the touring exhibition that opened at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C.
Frere Independent Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue
The Untitled (American Way) appears in the inside cover of the exhibition catalogue.
Contemporary Art Center of Virginia Exhibition Cover
Artwork appears on the cover of the exhibition catalogue as well as referred to in the text.
Newsletter to museum patrons
Untitled (the American Way) appears in a newsletter to CAC of Virginia's newsletter for current exhibitions.
Art Tribune Magazine
Artwork appears on the cover as well as inside the magazine for interview with the curator of Federal Reserve Board's Fine Arts Program.
Panel Discussion Invitation
Artwork was used for this invitation.
Federal Reserve Exhibition Catalogue
Artwork appears on the cover of the exhibition catalogue as well as written about in the catalogue's essay.