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Madonna and Child
Acrylic on console television
Work is still available

Much to people's misunderstanding, this work is not about Madonna the pop singer. Instead it uses her as a clever pun to illustrate how television is the new alter with its' own pop icon that often replaces the religious icon's significance in today's society. Through the centuries, Madonna and Child was a theme that was depicted on religious alters that decorated chapels, churches, and cathedrals. During this time, the church was the gathering point where the people of a community would meet and get information of what was happening in their world in addition to celebrating religious practices. The television has usurped the church of this function. This particular old console TV resembles a triptych (or polytych) from the medieval period, but depicts a modern Madonna icon in many of her various incarnations.

Copyright 1996 Steven D. Gagnon

Madonna and Child