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ArtworksEditions • PROGRESS

Screen print on Coventry rag paper
29.5 x 26 inches (74.9 x 66 cm)
A limited number of prints available

The artwork PROGRESS is inspired by the 2008 election. As a parody, six emptied Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans are used to illustrate progress. The artwork makes a commentary on Pabst Blue Ribbon beer as a candidate that can give one the sense of progress by electing to consume the product. This screen print edition of a limited number of signed and numbered prints on Coventry rag paper measures 29.5 x 26 inches (74.9 x 66 cm).

Please note that there is no copyright notice in the actual artwork. The notice only appears on the photos of the artworks that I posted to my website.

Paper Type: Coventry rag paper
Image Dimensions: 24.5 x 22 inches (62.2 x 55.9 cm)
Run: 100 signed and numbered prints
Publisher: Steven Gagnon
Printer: Axelle Fine Art