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Untitled, (The American Way)
Serigraph Print
41 x 64 inches
Edition is sold out.

After being donated by Richard Shack to the Federal Reserve Board's permanent collection, The American Way has enjoyed immense notoriety.

The serigraph has been praised in the Wall Street Journal, has graced the cover of two exhibition catalogs,the cover of ART TRIBUNE (a New York based art periodical), and the image was on display on a billboard that toured throughout California in San Mateo, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside. The piece was also featured on the May 2003 newsstand cover wrap of Harper's Magazine and was circulated through 90,000 editions in the United States and Canada.

The print was part of a traveling group exhibition entitled, MONEY MAKING,THE FINE ART OF CURRENCY AT THE MILLENIUM. The exhibition, organized by Mary Anne Goley, the Director of the Fine Arts Program at the Federal Reserve Board, focuses on the creative uses artists have made of U.S.currency in their work.

The exhibit featured the work of such artists as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Arman, Laurie Anderson, and Mel Chin just to name a few. The show opened at the Federal Reserve Board Marriner S. Eccles Building in Washington,D.C. on February 1st and was exhibited until June 2, 2000. It then traveled to the Contemporary Art Center of VirginiaContemporary Art Center of Virginia in Virginia Beach and was on view from August 19th to October 15, 2000. The Trust for Museum Exhibitions picked up the show, and the exhibition was renamed SHOW ME THE MONEY, THE DOLLAR AS ART. The exhibition toured throughout the United States to the Naples Museum of Art, the Museum of the American Numismatic Association, the Blanden Memorial Art Museum, and the Fresno Metropolitan Museum from April 2002 until April 2003.

Miami based artist, Steven D. Gagnon has published this limited edition serigraph. This museum quality print is part of national, public, and private art collections throughout the United States, South America, and Europe, including The United States Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C. , UMB Bank in Kansas City, Missouri, and Patrizia Grundbesitz GMBH & Co. KG in Augsburg, Germany. The printer, Jean-Yves Noblet Serigraphie, has published screenprints for over 10 years in New York City for such artists as Roy Lichtenstein, Matthew Barney, etc. This edition is limited to only 90 numbered and signed prints and five artists proofs. The serigraph measures 41 inches by 64 inches (104 cm by 163 cm) on Coventry 100% acid-free rag paper.The image size is 36 inches by 60 inches (91 cm by 153 cm).

"I was inspired to make this piece because I wanted to make an image that could symbolize American culture that would relate to all Americans regardless of their race, nationality, religious, or political background. I wanted to create an image that would overlook these differences and find a common thread that could represent a nation of such diversity. The dollar is a symbol of America as much as the flag. It is respected around the world for the exchange of goods and services due to it's stability and strength. It enables all Americans to enjoy the fruits of their labor and pursue their happiness. Thus by uniting a sheet of one dollar bills with the flag, I created a universal image to symbolize America's strength, stability, and it's never-ending pursuit of happiness."


Copyright 1999 Steven D. Gagnon

Paper Type: Coventry rag 375G/m2
Image Dimensions: 36 X 60 inches (91 cm x 153 cm)
Edition: 90 Arabic numbers, 5 Artists Proofs
  • 1)Light green background
  • 2) Transparent green black
  • 3) Green
  • 4) Red
  • 5)Blue
Publisher: Steven D. Gagnon
Printer: Noblet Serigraphie, Inc. 425 West 13th Street 5th floor New York, New York 10014
Collaborators: Jean-Yves Noblet and Luther Davis
Comments: Printed with water based inks and U.V. inks. Signed in pencil on lower right side. Numbered in pencil on lower left side.
Untitled, (The American Way)