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Black Gold
Oil based inks on gold leaf linen canvas
26 x 41 inches (66 x 104 cm)
One Work Is Still Available

The Esso Oil Can is printed on a field of gold leaf to resemble a religious icon. The work is a play on the expression of oil being "black gold" as it is so sought after and a crucial resource in our modern age.

Please note that there is no copyright notice in the actual artwork. The notice only appears on the photos of the artworks that I posted to my website.

Paper Type: Gold leaf applied to Belgian linen canvas
Image Dimensions: 20.5 x 35 inches (52 x 89 cm)
Edition: Edition of 3 works
  • 1) Red
  • 2) Blue
  • 3) Silver
  • 4) Black
Publisher: Steven Gagnon
Printer: Axelle Fine Art Editions, 312 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11201
Collaborators: John Bartolo, Luther Davis, Brett Groves, Chris Kinsler, Richard Norris
Comments: Printed with oil based inks. Signed in paint on lower right side. Numbered in paint on lower left side.
Black Gold