Steven Gagnon - 1866-4-US-flag
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Boston Federal Reserve
The Dollar as Art catalogue

The catalogue documents the exhibition from July 10 to October 24, 2003 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston from the permanent collection of the Board of Governers of the Federal Reseverve System. The show featured the works of various contemporary artists from the last 40 years who have used the U.S. dollar bill as a theme.

"Working with currency can engender patriotic feelings. Ray Beldner (No 1), and Steven Gagnon independently arrived at an image of the American flag generated from the repetition of currency in a horizontal pattern. In Gagnons screenprint (No. 8), the American flag emerging from the shadows of the dollar reinforces the message of the almighty dollar at a time when the business of transacting the purchase of goods and services has been irretrievably altered by technology."

-Mary Anne Goley, Director, Fine Arts Program, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The Dollar as Art catalogue