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C.R.I.B. Sculpture Press Release
C.R.I.B. Media Release

Miami-based artist, Steven Gagnon, has created C.R.I.B., a conceptual sculpture to represent the dominance of the four emerging economic giants: China, Russia, India, and Brazil.

His goal is to overthrow the current BRIC acronym used to reference these countries and establish C.R.I.B. as the more logical abbreviation.

Not only is C.R.I.B. an actual word, the image of a crib shows how these four emerging economies are affecting the world now and will in years to come. The artist aspires to see his artwork change the way these countries are referenced.

This is not the first time the artist has stirred financial markets with his artwork. Gagnon s work has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, published in Harper s Magazine, displayed on billboards, and exhibited internationally in numerous art fairs, museums, and galleries over the last decade. His artwork is in public and corporate collections, including: the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C.; the Art Museum of South Texas; The American Bankers Association; UMB Bank; and American Bank, as well as, in private collections including: Parisan art collector, Jean Cherqui; art collector, Richard Shack; and author, Andrew Tobias.

C.R.I.B. Media Release