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The Billboard Project began with the invitation of Keith Stephens of Valley Outdoor, Inc. to exhibit the Untitled (The American Way) on a billboard structure his company owned in San Mateo. California. Mr. Stephens liked the image and felt it appropriate for that particular location which at the time was at the center of a legal dispute with the city of San Mateo. The sign was posted in this location from May until September of 2001. It was then shown on a billboard in San Diego on I-5 in November of 2001. In January 2002, the billboard was up in Los Angeles. In 2004, the billboard has been posted twice in Riverside. It appeared once in April and again in December. As an artist, it is a unique experience because it allows literally tens of thousands of people a day to be exposed to my work. For example, it was estimated that 200,000 people a day saw the billboard when it was posted in San Mateo. The results of the project has led to exhibitions of my work in addition to being added to private and public collections.