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Euro Flag
Mixed Media
36 x 61 x 2 inches
Limited number of works still available

The Euro flag reflects the world in which we live. We live in a time of globalization. There is the power of synergy when a group comes together. In the present economic climate, it is too difficult for smaller nations with limited resources to be able to effectively compete in a world market. Thus by pooling their resources to become one, they can more effectively compete in an international economy.

Thus to combine the European community flag with the 500 Euro bill seemed very logical. For in the end, this is what the union of multi-nations is trying to achieve. Individually, the countries of the European Community would have a difficult time to compete in an international market. As one economy, they are an influential economic presence.

As one British aeronautical engineer explained to me, Boeing makes the best planes in the world. However, you have a French company like Airbus who is now able to compete with them and produce planes of the same caliber because they can pool the best resources of all of Europe to make different parts of the plane. The French make the guidance systems; the Germans make the wings, etc. In this way under these new European economic conditions that are provided through the E.U., Airbus can compete.

My Euro flag differs from my version of the American flag in that my American flag was an attempt to find a universal symbol for a nation composed of such culturally diverse individuals who identify themselves under one nationality. The Euro Flag is my attempt to symbolize the union of culturally diverse nations who identify themselves under one economy.

The undulating Euro Flag is a sculptural edition of 50 pieces and 5 artist's proofs. The work is a mixed media, wall relief composed of a digital print adhered to a fiberglass form, sprayed with transparent automotive paints. It measures 36 inches by 61 inches by 2 1/2 inches in it highest fold. The works are created by hand under the artist's supervision through the talents of technical experts in various industrial trades. These unique and labor intensive works capture the illusion of movement of the Euro flag blowing in the wind.

Copyright 2001 Steven D. Gagnon

Paper Type: digital print sprayed with automotive paints adhered to fiberglass form
Run: 5 Artist's Proofs, 50 works
Publisher: Steven D. Gagnon
Euro Flag