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ArtworksSocial Pressure Series • Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife
Mixed Media
22 1/4 x 23 x 32 inches
Private collection, New York, N.Y.

The Trophy Wife is part of a series that investigates cultural and societal influences on human nature. The idea stems from a common figure of speech of a trophy wife, the beautiful woman that is a prize and will bring envy to all those who do not possess her. After seeing taxidermy animal trophies, I began to consider the literal meaning of this phrase. To think of the bride like a deer head mounted on a wooden plaque to be shown off in public as a sign of one's masculinity gave a new perspective to this phrase. Thus, The Trophy Wife came into existence. The piece is made of a plastic mannequin torso, a wig head, resin, fiberglass cloth, acrylic paint, a wig, brides dress, and veil.

Copyright 2000 Steven D. Gagnon

Trophy Wife