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ArtworksVideo Sculptures Series • Around the World in a NYC Taxi

Around the World in a NYC Taxi
Video installation in actual NYC taxi cab
68 x 57 x 222 inches
Still Available

A 2.5 minute video of the project on exhibit at Fountain NY 07 is posted on YouTube, you can see it here.

"Around the World in a NYC Taxi" is a video sculpture in an actual decommissioned 2003 Ford Crown Victoria New York yellow cab. What makes the Big Apple so vibrant are the people. In a NYC cab, even though you are traveling across town, you can talk with the driver who often comes from one of the four corners of the world. Videos of my interviews with various NY cab drivers and scenes of the city will be projected from 6 projectors inside the cab onto the vehicle's windows. The main film is a split feed that plays in both front driver and passenger side windows. The other windows show views of streets of the city taken as if you were sitting in the cab. This allows the viewer to walk around the cab and see these cabbies talk about their profession, NY, and homelands.

Copyright 2007 Steven D. Gagnon

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