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$100 Stainless Steel Bill
Serigraph print on stainless steel diebond
27 x 61 inches (68.6 x 154.9 cm)
Limited number of works still available

The $100 Stainless Steel Bill is part of a new series of print editions. This silkscreen print on a stainless steel diebond sheet is limited to only 3 works. The size of the bill and the texture of the background material exudes a sense of stability and power. The work looks as if it is the plate that is used to print money. The work varies slightly from the anodized aluminum monotype as it has a slightly lighter background.

Copyright 2008 Steven D. Gagnon

Paper Type: Stainless Steel Diebond
Edition: Limited to 3 works. Numbered in Arabic numberal on bottom left. Signed and dated on bottom right.

Black U.V. Ink

Green U.V. Ink

Iridescent Green Color Shift Pigment

Publisher: Steven Gagnon
Printer: Axelle Fine Art
$100 Stainless Steel Bill