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ArtworksVideo Sculptures Series • A Tale of Two Cities Performance

A Tale of Two Cities Performance
2 channel video installation in shopping cart with miscellaneous items
74 x 36 x 45 inches
Still Available

From my pervious experiences during ArtBasel Miami Beach, I wanted to create a project that could be mobile and presented in any location. I also wanted to stay away from the expense as well as the size that doing video installations in cars presents.

Inspired by a local woman who lives on the street in my neighborhood, I decided to create a mobile video installation in a recreation of a homeless person's shopping cart that would present the effect of consumerism has upon our society regardless of one's economic status.

I dressed in a tuxedo in order to make it more evident that this was a performance or art piece as I have found while initially shooting footage for the project that if you are seen pushing a shopping cart in the street, society immediately brands you homeless. I presented the project during the opening day of ArtBasel and in the subsequent evening that the fair ran on Collins Avenue where many fair attendees congregated.

The project gave me direct contact with many of the fair visitors and allowed to have a discussion about consumerism, homelessness, and other economic issues that impact our society.

The project was written up and photographed in

A Tale of Two Cities Performance